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Using -ar verbs

When we have a verb in the infinitive form, we really can't do much with it. We need to conjugate the verb to allows us to use it in real sentences. We'll start with the word hablar, which in Spanish means to speak.

There are six forms of the word hablar in the present tense. Each form indicates a different category of person performs the action. Here are six sentences that introduce the different forms.

Spanish English
Yo hablo espa˝ol I speak Spanish
┐T˙ hablas francÚs? You speak French? (informal)
┐Usted habla francÚs? You speak French? (formal)
Nosotros hablamos espa˝ol muy bien We speak Spanish very well
┐Vosotros hablßis inglÚs? You all speak English?
Ellos hablan inglÚs They speak English

As you can see, the differences between the six forms are small, but they are noticeable. Even when personal pronouns (I, he, she, it, etc.) are omitted, you can roughly tell who the sentence is about. When we wish to give a sentence greater clarity, we can add personal pronouns to make it clearer to the reader/listener.

The following table shows the general pattern for conjugating -AR verbs.

habl ar




hablas vosotros hablßis
Úl, ella, Usted habla ellos, ellas, Ustedes hablan

This pattern can be used for any regular -AR verb. While there are some irregular verbs which are exceptions, it makes verbs very easy to use. Simply memorize the pattern, and you will be able to use and recognize -AR verbs.

Here are some common verbs that you should remember and practice conjugating.


hablar, to speak


estudiar, to study


nadar, to swim


visitar, to visit


1. On a piece of paper, conjugate each of the four verbs mentioned above for the following forms - yo, t˙, Úl/ella/Ud, nosotros, vosotros, ellos/ellas/Uds. [answers]

Hint - follow the pattern for hablar

2. Examine the following sentences, and try to see which action is performed, and by whom. [answers]

Hint - Personal pronouns have been omitted. You will need to
look at the endings of conjugated verbs

Estudio espa˝ol en la universidad


Hablamos i˝gles y francÚs


Visitan la ciudad


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