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Using -ir verbs

You'll notice very little difference between the pattern for -ir verbs, and that of -er verbs. The only difference is in the nosotros and vosotros forms.

The following table shows the general pattern for conjugating -IR verbs, using vivir as an example.

viv ir




vives vosotros vivís
él, ella, Usted vive ellos, ellas, Ustedes viven

This pattern can be used for any regular -AR verb. While there are some irregular verbs which are exceptions, it makes verbs very easy to use. Simply memorise the pattern, and you will be able to use and recognise -AR verbs.

Here are some common verbs that you should remember and practice conjugating.


abrir, to open


decidir, to decide


escribir, to write


vivir, to live


1. On a piece of paper, conjugate each of the four verbs mentioned above for the following forms - yo, tú, él/ella/Ud, nosotros, vosotros, ellos/ellas/Uds. [answers]

Hint - follow the pattern for hablar

2. Examine the following sentences, and try to see which action is performed, and by whom. [answers]

Hint - Personal pronouns have been omitted. You will need to
look at the endings of conjugated verbs

¿Escribís con lápiz o con pluma?


¿Viven en una casa o un piso?

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